Tabling at the COE

Page in draft.

The following are some of the things you can do at your table; further instructions to follow.

Mark your virtual table with a banner or logo.

Offer documents for download.

Offer pre-recorded videos participants can watch.

Offer a sign-up sheet for participants who'd like more information.

Staff your table with a live rep, who can video chat with anyone who comes by, or leave their name at the table so interested parties can find them at the conference.

Example layout for CAC, Nonprofit Partner and Supporting Sponsor tables with reference libraries. Title and Sustaining Sponsors will be able to create virtual rooms or environments where more items can be built.

Note the ease of access this give participants - no need to wander long hallways and carry around papers that will later need to be recycled. Participants will be able to simply click on resources and chat with available reps through instant video chat.