Breakfast Table Topics

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Grab your morning Joe and have a chat with peers on one of the following topics, or create a room (link to come) with a topic of your own. Contact us to suggest one.

Chats About Commissions and Their Structure

  1. Conservation Advisory Commissions

      • What is a CAC and how do I start one in my municipality? Panel/roundtable including Carole Griffiths, Chair of TEAC for 30+ years

      • How can I convert my CAC to a Conservation Board?

      • What is a Natural Resource Inventory, What is an Open Space Inventory, How often to update? Jim Nordgren - Both days

  1. Sustainability Committees

      • Friday: Sustainability Committees 101: what is a sustainability committee and how do I start one in my municipality? Facilitated by Mitch Green, chair of the Town of Mamaroneck Sustainability Committee

      • Saturday: Sustainability Committees 102: How to maintain your committee an ensure its effectiveness. Facilitated by Mitch Green, chair of the Town of Mamaroneck Sustainability Committee

      • Should a Sustainability Committee be part of the municipal government or a private group?

  1. Your Local Soil & Water Conservation District: what do they do? with Jan Blaire on Friday

      • Flooding mitigation: watershed planning, streams and corridor restoration, wetlands

      • Agriculture & farming protection

      • Your local SWCD also can assist an training, outreach & help secure funding for environmental projects

  1. How and Why Your Municipality Should Have a Wetlands Commission, with Andrew Messenger, Chair of Bedford Wetlands Control Commission

      • Survey if your community has a wetlands ordinance

      • Wetlands and buffers

Topics of Interest

  1. Hosting a Repair Café: community events are popping up all over the Hudson Valley to reduce waste by fixing things. With Lindsey Taylor and Ariella Gastel from Hastings RC, Friday

  2. Pollinator Pathways Are Blooming All Over

          • H2H – Pollinator Corridor from the Housatonic to the Hudson

          • Healthy Yards programs: leaf blowers, pesticides, herbicides

  1. Crypto Currency Mining in the Finger Lakes: is this the poison bill for the CLCPA? Find out how this affects our state, our nation, and our planet. Moderator: Dr Anna Kelles, NYS Assembly member dist 125, Finger Lakes

  2. Grant Writing: What you need to know to get grants

  3. Volunteerism: How do you get people to join? Saturday morning, roundtable discussion

  4. Flood Mitigation and Preparedness for Your Area, Julie Noble, VP NY. Friday.

  5. Gaining Certifications: Climate Smart (CSC) and Clean Energy (CEC) Communities

  6. SACC