Waste Not


Want Not

Four talks. Page in Draft. Trash takes a lot of energy - and GHG - to dispose of.

Food Scraps Composting Success Story
Michelle Sterling & Ron Schulhof, Scarsdale Conservation Advisory Council

Scarsdale’s Food Scrap Program, the first such initiative in Westchester County, has recycled over one million pounds of compostable material and served as the model for over twenty other Westchester communities that have since set up their own collections. It's been a runaway grassroots success. Learn from Ron & Michelle how they did it and bring a community composting program to your town or city.

Product Stewardship and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Scott Cassell, Product Stewardship Institute

Product stewardship involves creating safer products for people and the planet from design to disposal. EPR shifts financial and management responsibility for product impacts from the public sector onto the manufacturer. Learn how some states are creating legislative incentives that require incorporating environmental considerations into product design and packaging. Maine was the first state to sign EPR legislation into law this past July and legislation is pending in Oregon.

Biosolid Disposal in NYS

Capturing this important waste stream (pending)

How to Recycle Everything

Single vs Dual Stream in NYS plus other recycling streams: textiles, e-waste, paint, mattresses, etc., with County DEF & others