Gather.Town provides a best-in-class virtual conference experience.

        • An immersive virtual venue where you can create your avatar, interact with exhibitors, visit poster presentations, have coffee breaks and connect with other attendees over popup video chat. Try a sample walk-through!

        • Live and pre-recorded speaker presentations with Q&A opportunities

        • Attendee networking capabilities for one-to-one networking and group sessions

        • On-demand recordings providing the ability to watch sessions at your convenience

        • Interactive sponsor and exhibitor spaces with the option to download exhibitor resources

Gather is easy to use, and you don't need to download any software. However, Gather will not work very well on a mobile device.

Essential tips


Go anywhere!

Use your arrow keys to move an avatar up, down, left & right. Walk around solid objects.

Ghost Moving


Hold down the G key and your avatar can walk through other people (useful if there's a crowd)


Note the toolbar

It's on the lower left of screen (green words above added).
Try each button!

Find a Friend

Find someone at the COE

  1. Click the "people" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

  2. A list will appear. Click on a person in the list or enter their name in search and hit return and click on their name.

  3. A popup box will appear.

Chat & Follow

Inside your person's popup box

Chat: you can send any person a personal message in the "Message..." field in the person's popup box, once you've found them in the participants list.

Click "Follow" on that person's popup window, and your avatar will automatically move to where that person is.

Click "unfollow" to stop following.



You can Teleport to specific events by using the calendar feature.

Event schedule will also be listed on a master index, and is posted on this webpage and in the lobby.

Having trouble? Try these tips:

  • The best browser to use is Google Chrome. Firefox is second choice. Do not use Safari.

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer: tablets and smartphones are not supported.

  • Close out any windows or other programs that are open other than the Gather site.

  • If you haven't set up your browser to access your camera or microphone, you can easily change this preference in Chrome by clicking on the padlock icon in your url; set camera and microphone to Allow. (see image) →

  • Make sure your camera and/or mic are not being used by any other site: on a PC, click on the little camera icon near the right end of the URL bar and check the camera and mic being used - if there are more than one, try the other.

  • If your system software is old, update it. (Backup your computer first and check to see the latest operating system your computer model can support.)

  • We'll have roaming tech help in every large room.