Tabling at the COE 2021

For CACs and Nonprofit Partners

Tabling Helps Us All Connect

The purpose of tabling is to share your work with other environment committees and nonprofits. By building lateral networks, we can learn from one another and become more effective.

At your CAC or Nonprofit Partner table, you'll be able to:

    • Offer documents for viewing and/or download.

    • Offer pre-recorded videos participants can watch.

    • Identify your virtual table with your logo.

    • You do not have to stand by your table. You can staff your table with a live rep, who can video chat with anyone who comes by, or you can invite interested parties to find your reps, either at the conference or by email, by sharing contact information on your Calling Card.

You can place up to 3 digital objects on your table

    • These will be installed by our build partner, ReuniVous.

    • All you need to do is share your objects by uploading them to this simple form.

    • One of your objects must be a contact page. Here is a CAC template you can use to generate your "Calling Card" (download to edit).

    • Your other two (optional) objects can be a document, slide deck, spreadsheet, drawing, PDF, image, short video, or audio file. If you want to share additional objects, you can place them in a google drive, webpage or other such cloud storage mechanism and list the link(s) on your Calling Card.

Examples of items that may be useful to other CACs: a presentation to your board or community on an environmental project; a municipal code you've worked on (e.g. building, tree, zoning); a Climate Action Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan or similar; items you're especially proud of that you submitted for CSC or CEC points. A word doc with links to various projects. It can be anything you'd like to share!

CAC tables will be arranged geographically, as that way attendees will be able to see what nearby CACs are doing and network with them.

We'll also index all content submitted into a master folder that we will make available in the conference library. This will be organized thematically. That way you can look up content that other CACs have contributed by subject, and reach out where there is common ground.

Example layout for tables. The blank squares will feature a CAC or Nonprofit Partner logo, and the tables will have objects that popup when prompted. Title and Sustaining Sponsors will be able to create virtual rooms or other, more elaborate interactive environments.

Note the ease of access this give participants - no need to wander long hallways and carry around papers that will later need to be recycled. Participants will be able to simply walk up to a table, click "x," and digital documents will pop up on their screen. If a rep's avatar is standing nearby, they will be able to chat via Zoom-like video with others.