Environmental Justice

Croton River Room

Essential Conversations

Environmental Justice in NYS: Past, present, and future

Friday, Oct. 22, 11am

Alanah Keddell-Tuckey, Director, NYS DEC Office of Environmental Justice
Raya Salter Esq.,
Lead Policy Organizer, NYS Climate Action Council

Past, present, future: an overview of Environmental issues and laws in NYS—from the historic to our current crisis—and a discussion of resources available to help local environmental groups create a positive change. The presenters will also share their ideas regarding what local groups can do to help ensure Environmental Justice going forward, for all residents of our State.

Moderated by Paul Presendieu, NYSACC Environmental Justice Forum Co-Chair

Not recorded

Environmental Justice Challenges and Solutions: Urban, rural, suburban, and Native Peoples in NYS

Friday, Oct. 22, 2pm

Panel Discussion
Brigitte Griswold,
Executive Director, Groundwork Hudson Valley
Neil Patterson, Assistant Director, Center for Native Peoples and the Envt, SUNY/ESF
Gary Abraham Esq., Environmental Justice Attorney
Anne Jaffe Holmes, Managing Director, Federated Conservationists of Westchester County

The panelists will discuss the EJ challenges and opportunities for change in the Urban, Suburban, Rural, and Native American EJ communities they work with, and how the lessons learned from from successful local campaigns, initiatives and strategies can be helpful to others.

Moderated by John Rhodes, NYSACC Environmental Justice Forum Co-Chair

Outreach and Education for Environmental Justice: Informing and engaging the public and government

Saturday, Oct. 23, 10am

Panel Discussion
Dr. Courtney Williams, Peekskill Conservation Advisory Council
Vanessa Agudelo, Peekskill City Council
Marissa Glaze, Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club

The panelists will share their experiences and successes in reaching out to the general public and their local governments in order to raise the awareness and understanding of Environmental Justice issues in their communities.

Moderated by Janet Monahan, NYSACC Environmental Justice Forum Co-Chair

Not recorded

Environmental Justice: Organizing for success

Panel Discussion
Patty Buchanan, Founding Member, Croton 100
Kristin Martinez, Environmental Program Specialist, NYS DEC Water Division
Ashley Inserillo, Program Manager, NYS Dept. of Health Bureau of Water Supply
Diane Picard, Executive Director, Massachusetts Avenue Project

The panelists will discuss their successful efforts to improve the Environmental Justice conditions in their communities and around New York State. Topics will include food security, access to clean water, and reducing the impact of air pollution on school children.

Moderated by Paul Presendieu, NYSACC Environmental Justice Forum Co-Chair

Not recorded