Sponsors 2022

Sustaining Sponsor

Dandelion Geothermal heats and cools your home with the power of the earth. Dandelion's geothermal system replaces your home’s existing air conditioning and heating equipment with a powerful heat pump, using safe, underground pipes to move heat between the earth and your home to achieve the inside temperature you want. It's 55º below the ground year-round in New York State; geothermal heating and cooling is one way that will help New York go fossil-fuel free. Dandelion is the #1 installer in the Northeast.

Dandelion Geothermal Presenter: Doug Nyman

Doug has been with Dandelion since December 2020 and has over 15 years of sales experience, including 10+ years in the hospitality industry. His hospitality background has given him a true passion for collaborating and putting customers first. Doug builds lasting relationships with his clients to ensure that they have a high touch experience during their journey towards geothermal installation.

HVAC is actually in Doug’s DNA: his dad and his grandpa were both HVAC system design engineers in the residential/commercial sectors as well as in the automotive industry.

11:30am, Auditorium

Supporting Sponsors

AreaHub is a searchable platform that offers the most extensive climate and environmental snapshot of any area in the U.S. With an instant report, you can find potential hazards around your community, information on how they can impact your health and home, and what you can do about it.

AreaHub Presenter: Alison Gregory

Alison Gregory is President and Co-Founder of AreaHub, a climate and environmental platform designed to empower users to make wiser choices in a world with increasing risks. Alison has launched and managed, with the other management committee members, a fast-growing data services startup, called GlobeOp Financial Services (now SS&C Globeop), that expanded internationally. She's also served in various senior capacities for other companies, including Bridgewater Associates. Alison is a graduate of Stanford University, where she received a J.D., and of the University of Virginia, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Math and History with a full Jefferson Scholarship.

11am, Auditorium

Cannabis Association of New York advocates for laws and regulations that support the vision of a New York cannabis industry that is restorative, sustainable, and inclusive. Its education efforts inform and empower legislators, regulators, and the public to understand issues surrounding the cannabis industry. CANY provides a united voice, technical education, industry coordination, and services to position New York as a global leader in cannabis.

CANY Presenter: Brittany Carbone

Brittany Carbone is the Founder & CEO of TONIC, a cannabinoid wellness CPG brand, and co-founder of Tricolla Farms, a certified organic, sustainable, family-owned farm in Berkshire, NY, which was just awarded its conditional adult use cannabis cultivation license. Brittany sits on the board of directors for the Cannabis Association of NY and chairs the Association’s sustainability committee to ensure that environmental consciousness is built into the foundation of NY’s emerging adult use cannabis industry.

11:15am, Auditorium