Conference on the Environment 2023

NYSACC President Simon Skolnik with conferennce organizers Steve Nicholson and Cait Darfler

NYSACC's 2023 Conference on the Environment: Huge Success!


September 20th offered virtual sessions on Gathertown with a lineup of fantastic speakers, followed by in-person gatherings and field trips in Ithaca September the next two days. Tomkins County Environmental Management Council did a stellar job!

The COE was bi-modal: talks were virtual and field trips were in person in Ithaca, NY.

All recordings of virtual sessions can be viewed on NYSACC's YouTube channel. (>View virtual talk schedule.)

The Field trips in Ithaca were fantastic; click for photos!

Heartfelt thanks to Tompkins County EMC for hosting the conference and providing a stellar experience for all.

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